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Deer Country for Fun and Meditation

5 Nov

Deer Country for Fun and Meditation

Sunset at deer blind 2006

Some writer once said you can’t go home again. He didn’t say you can’t go back to deer country. It’s the place where I’ve spent many hours over the years in my No Owls Inn with binoculars and scoped .243 Remington, thinking, listening and watching. And since comfort has become dominant in my senior years, I placed a comfortable, folding boat seat in my blind, mounting it on a revolving metal post attached to two crossed two by fours with rollers. And since no respectable throne for shooting would be complete without a gun rest, I attached one to the wall next to my boat seat. It’s nothing but a hinged 2 X 2 which swings up and held in a horizontal position by a diagonal brace resting on a small block on the plywood wall. On the end of the horizontal rest I place padding to eliminate noise and prevent light reflection. A workable ct do -it-yourself butt rest.

On some occasions in the past while perched on that soft seat, I merely sat and silently observed nature’s display through windows. There were does and small deer, buzzing bees, low-flying hawks, crows and other birds, an occasional coyote and, less often, a red fox. Hogs seldom venture out during daylight hours, so I never spotted one. Ranch rules require hunters to kill all hogs. That’s because they are so many, and they do severe damage to pasture lands. The highlight of my vigil during my no-shooting hunts, was watching the setting sun. The lower it sank, the easier it was to look at it, causing me to again wonder why one can look at it when setting, but not while it is overhead when, theoretically,  it’s the same distance from the viewer.

The lower it sank the redder it became and the faster it fell. One can almost see it move. Viewing such a powerful and vital thing to life is always a memorable awesome experience.

When the top of the sun sank to the tops of the trees on the distant horizon, it was time to climb out and down and head out for the house where I would be greeted by loving faces, exciting tales about everybody’s hunt, cold beverages and a supper of Mexican food or grilled brisket.

The day’s hunt was over, and no one had any concerns about the sun not rising anew the next morning when everyone would again be perched in their blinds, waiting and hoping. The sun’s return to create a new day is one of nature’s creations critical to life for all, both the good and the bad. Viewing the miracle might make one wonder how anyone can doubt the presence of a supreme, universal power that holds sway over all things, the naming of which is your choice.